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Electro Power Egypt Who We Are?

Serving Since 1939.


Since 1939 and for more than 80 years the name Of Fath al-Bab has been associated with the import of specialized kauch cables and electrical wires in Egypt 

Continuing this success, in 2012, Electro Power, one of Hussein's companies, opened the door with a confident line towards building a new history of achievements and successes at the local and European levels. 

Since the company was founded one of its most important objectives has always been to be the number one in the field of kauch cables and specialized in all kinds of all kinds and has sought over the past years to complete the most important requirements of success in this field with high accuracy 

In addition to the integrated installation and maintenance team through a distinguished group of engineers with experience and efficiency in the maintenance and installation of electrical machinery of engines, generators, transformers and electrical panels in their various types of equipment that set up companies in europe of our own

Thus we were able to win a large number of customers and major companies by looking for the largest European factories in order to ensure the quality of the product that suits all needs and also the appropriate price needed by the Egyptian market 

For these reasons we have achieved what makes us able to compete and be highly present for our customers and for us as well as we always strive to be the best

Our Vision

as a 100% Egyptian Company, we've come up with the best formulas to serve all kinds of clients as per their portfolio and ensuring their business will always grow. also handles all business making you focus on running your business successfully by having the: Right Tools Right Resources Right pricing We strongly believe your success is our success.


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